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27.06.24 Scott Andrew Smith (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
An application of Talagrand’s inequality to the Linear Sigma Model
21.06.24 Elena Salguero (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Global interface dynamics of the two-phase gravity Stokes system
06.06.24 Christiane Klein (Université Grenoble-Alpes)
Exploring quantum fields in rotating black holes
31.05.24 Olga Shishkina (MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen)
Towards the ultimate regime in Rayleigh-Benard turbulence
29.05.24 Kihoon Seong (Cornell University)
Central limit theorem for Gibbs measures associated with focusing NLS
21.05.24 Da Li (FU Berlin)
Weak coupling limit for polynomial stochastic Burgers equations in $2d$
21.05.24 Immanuel Zachhuber (FU Berlin)
Singular quasilinear wave equations
15.05.24 Sasa Lukic (RWTH Aachen)
Relaxation rates for the Mullins-Sekerka evolution of nearly circular curves in the plane
07.05.24 Christian Wagner (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Diffuse interface energies with microscopic heterogeneities
30.04.24 Annika Burmester (University of Bielefeld)
Multiple zeta values, q-analogs, and renormalization
24.04.24 Petri Laarne (University of Helsinki)
Metastability of cubic nonlinear wave equation
15.03.24 Esther Bou Dagher (Ceremade Paris)
Exponential inequalities in probability spaces revisited
11.03.24 Carlos Román Parra (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
On some mathematical tools for the analysis of the Ginzburg-Landau model of superconductivity
23.02.24 Dennis Chemnitz (FU Berlin)
Dynamical Properties of SDEs with Shear
02.02.24 Daniel Heydecker (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Large Deviations of Landau-Lifschitz-Navier-Stokes & the Energy Equality
31.01.24 Muhammad Usama Nadeem (University of Edinburgh)
29.01.24 Marco Rehmeier (Universität Bielefeld)
On nonlinear Markov processes in the sense of McKean
26.01.24 Klaus Kroy (Universität Leipzig)
Coarse-graining suspensions of active Brownian particles
24.01.24 Harprit Singh (University of Edinburgh)
15.12.23 Leon Bungert (Universität Würzburg)
The nonlocal geometry of adversarial machine learning
13.12.23 Cristiana De Filippis (University of Parma)
Nonlinear potentials at the fractional scale: sharp regularity
08.12.23 Rishabh Gvalani (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Exponential mixing by random velocity fields
06.12.23 Pablo Linares (Imperial College London)
Rough paths based on multi-indices
24.11.23 Camilla Brizzi (TU München)
On the sparsity of h-Wasserstein barycenters
29.09.23 Greta Marino (Universität Augsburg)
Lipschitz regularity for solutions of a general class of elliptic equations
15.09.23 Lukas Niebel (Universität Ulm)
Kinetic maximal $L^p$-regularity
25.08.23 Sascha Gaudlitz (HU Berlin)
Non-parametric estimation of the reaction term in semi-linear SPDEs with spatial ergodicity
18.08.23 Angeliki Menegaki (Université Paris-Saclay)
L^2-stability for the 4-waves kinetic equation around the Rayleigh-Jeans equilibrium
22.06.23 Kihoon Seong (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Phase transition of singular Gibbs measures for three-dimensional Schrödinger-wave system
02.06.23 Maximilian Penka (TU München)
On the curse of dimension in multi-marginal optimal transport and its numerical methods
04.05.23 Yuan Gao (Purdue University)
Thermodynamic limit, large deviation and global energy landscape for non-equilibrium chemical reactions
03.05.23 Jinyeop Lee (LMU München)
Uniform in Time Convergence to Bose-Einstein Condensation for a Weakly Interacting Bose Gas with an External Potential
24.04.23 Michael Goldman (University of Paris 7)
On some energies penalizing oblique oscillations
17.04.23 Elio Marconi (Università di Padova)
Stability of the vortex in line-energy models
13.04.23 Lukas Gräfner (FU Berlin)
11.04.23 Katharina Eichinger (Université Paris Dauphine)
Wasserstein barycenters
03.04.23 Vitalii Konarovskyi (Universität Bielefeld)
Conservative SPDEs as fluctuating mean field limits of stochastic gradient descent
28.03.23 Markus Tempelmayr (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Characterizing models in regularity structures
24.03.23 Simon Gabriel (University of Warwick)
The Allen-Cahn equation with random critical initial datum
22.03.23 Antoine Gloria (Sorbonne Université and Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Waves in heterogeneous media
10.03.23 Camille Labourie (Universtität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
An $\varepsilon$-regularity theorem for Griffith minimizers in $\mathbf{R}^N$ under a separating condition
09.03.23 Lihan Wang (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
The Gaussian free field as a stream function: asymptotics of effective diffusivity in infra-red cut-off
27.01.23 Rhys Steele (Imperial College London)
BPHZ Renormalisation in Regularity Structures via Spectral Gap
25.01.23 Claudia Raithel (Universität Wien)
Partial Hölder Regularity for a Class of Cross-Diffusion Systems with Entropy Structure
24.01.23 Iñigo Urtiaga Erneta (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Regularity of stable solutions to elliptic equations
24.01.23 Julian Fischer (IST Austria)
A monotonicity formula for minimizers of the Mumford-Shah functional in 2d and a sharp lower bound on the energy density
23.01.23 Pavlos Tsatsoulis (Universität Bielefeld)
19.01.23 Max Goering (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Anisotropic Preiss density theorem and an advertisement for GMT
06.01.23 Zhuolin Li (University of Oxford)
Regularity for almost minimizers in variational problems
06.01.23 Majdouline Borji (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Perturbative renormalization of the semi-infinite massive scalar field theory
05.01.23 Elena Salguero (Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas)
The dynamics of a gravity-driven Stokes free boundary
03.01.23 Younes Zine (University of Edinburgh)
Convergence problems for singular stochastic dynamics
28.12.22 Esther Bou Dagher (Imperial College London)
21.12.22 Elise Bonhomme (Université Paris-Saclay)
Variational methods applied to discrete and evolutionary brittle damage models
12.12.22 Daniel Heydecker (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
A Rescaled Zero-Range Process Converging to the Porous Medium Equation: Large Deviations & Application to Gradient Flow
30.11.22 Yvain Bruned (Université de Lorraine)
Post-Lie algebras in Regularity Structures
01.11.22 Leonid Berlyand (Penn State University)
Asymptotic stability in a free boundary PDE model of cell motion
28.10.22 Andrea Agazzi (Università di Pisa)
Random Splitting of Fluid Models: Ergodicity, Convergence and Lyapunov exponents
12.10.22 Víctor Navarro-Fernández (Universität Münster)
Stability estimates for advection-diffusion equations with rough vector fields
09.09.22 Richard Schubert (Universität Bonn)
Mean-field limits for sedimentation of particles with inertia
17.08.22 Daniel Heydecker (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Kac's process and the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation
21.07.22 Annika Bach (Sapienza Università di Roma)
15.07.22 Annika Bach (Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza")
Gradient damage models for periodically heterogeneous media
24.06.22 Carlo Bellingeri (TU Berlin)
Singular SPDEs and stochastic calculus: the KPZ equation
10.06.22 Pascal Maurice Steinke (Universität Bonn)
Convergence of Allen-Cahn equations to De Giorgi's Multiphase Mean Curvature Flow
18.05.22 Björn Bringmann (IAS Princeton)
Invariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional cubic nonlinear wave equation: Part II.
17.05.22 Konstantin Kalinin (St. Petersburg State University)
Geometry of isomonodromic deformations and other directions of my scientific activity
13.05.22 Simon Telen (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Toric Geometry of Entropic Regularization
11.05.22 Björn Bringmann (IAS Princeton)
Invariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional cubic nonlinear wave equation: Part I.
09.05.22 Tymofii Prokopenko (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Geometrical characteristics of the polygonal line associated with a trajectory of the Wiener process
01.04.22 Anna Skorobogatova (Princeton University)
Interior regularity of area-minimizing currents with high codimension
02.03.22 Lucas Broux (Sorbonne Université)
18.02.22 Gael Diebou Yomgne (Universität Bonn)
Nonlinear elliptic PDEs subject to irregular data
14.02.22 Mickaël Nahon (Université Savoie Mont Blanc)
Free boundary transmission problem with obstacle
07.02.22 Benjamin Fehrman (University of Oxford)
Stochastic homogenization with divergence-free drift
04.02.22 Stefan Schiffer (Universität Bonn)
Truncations under differential constraints and (quasi)convex hulls
19.01.22 Bian Wu (IAS, Princeton)
17.01.22 Kihoon Seong (KAIST)
Gibbs measures with log-correlated Gaussian fields and its invariance under Hamiltonian PDEs
14.01.22 Krutika Tawri (Indiana University Bloomington)
14.01.22 Krzysztof Ciosmak (University of Oxford)
Optimal transport, localisation and martingales
13.01.22 Anton Ullrich (Universität Bonn)
10.01.22 Mickaël Nahon (Université Savoie Mont Blanc)
Free discontinuity and free boundary problems with Robin conditions
10.01.22 Lucas Broux (Sorbonne Université)
07.01.22 Lukas Hauger (Universität Stuttgart)
Decay of Entropy and Information of multidimensional Kac models coupled to large systems
06.01.22 Jakob Fuchs (Universität Bonn)
Strong Convergence of the Thresholding Scheme for the Mean Curvature Flow of Mean Convex Sets
22.12.21 Gael Diebou Yomgne (Universität Bonn)
On low regularity problems: the elliptic and parabolic theory
21.12.21 Sefika Kuzgun (The University of Kansas)
Convergence of Densities of Spatial Averages of Stochastic Heat Equation
10.12.21 Fan Zheng (ICMAT Madrid)
Long-term stability of traveling waves of the Burgers-Hilbert equations
07.12.21 Bogdan Raita (SNS Pisa)
On the compensated compactness method for concentration effects
26.11.21 Pablo Linares (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
A multiindex-based regularity structure for quasilinear SPDEs
23.11.21 Georgiana Chatzigeorgiou (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Locality properties of standard homogenization commutator
19.11.21 Lukas Koch (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Global improved differentiability for minimisers of (p,q)-functionals
05.11.21 Annika Bach (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Fluctuation estimates for the blow-up formula in stochastic homogenisation of partitions
04.11.21 Tianqi Wu (UCLA)
Diameter of a long-range percolation graph for the critical exponent $s=d$
04.11.21 Daniel Heydecker (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Large Deviations of Kac's Process & Applications
27.10.21 Francesco Mattesini (MPI MiS, Leipzig + University of Münster)
Asymptotics of transportation cost for the occupation measure of fractional Brownian motion
22.10.21 Max Goering (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Anisotropic Minimal Surfaces and degenerate PDEs
01.10.21 Likhit Ganedi (Carnegie Mellon University)
Analysis of Modern Materials with Periodic Microstructure
24.09.21 Paweł Duch (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Flow equation approach to singular stochastic PDEs
20.09.21 Peter Morfe (The University of Chicago)
Periodic homogenization of diffuse interface models
10.09.21 Fenna Müller (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Coarse-grained second order response theory
30.07.21 Anton Zadorin (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Exact travelling solution for a reaction-diffusion system with a piecewise constant production supported by a codimension-1
28.07.21 Jing An (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Convergence to a traveling wave for the Burgers-FKPP equation
23.04.21 Zachary Adams (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Ergodicity & travelling waves in a stochastic reaction-diffusion equation
16.04.21 Tom Klose (TU Berlin)
18.03.21 Tatsuya Miura
A variational approach to boundary regularity of optimal transport maps
26.02.21 Hoang Duc Luu (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Random attractors for rough differential/evolution equations
08.01.21 Lihan Wang (Duke University)
Optimal boundary conditions for three dimensional elliptic random media
07.01.21 Bjoern Bringmann (UCLA)
Invariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional wave equation with a Hartree nonlinearity
22.12.20 Kyle Liss (University of Maryland)
Quantitative convergence to equilibrium for a class of hypoelliptic SDEs
17.12.20 Sebastian Hensel (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)
On uniqueness of weak solution concepts for curvature driven interface evolution in geometry and fluid mechanics
17.12.20 Daniel Heydecker (University of Cambridge)
Kac’s Mean-Field Model and the Boltzmann Equation
14.12.20 Jing An (Stanford University)
Convergence to a traveling wave solution for the Burgers-FKPP equation
14.12.20 Lukas Koch (University of Oxford)
Some results on the Jacobian equation with integrable data and a nonlinear open mapping principle
11.12.20 Aymeric Baradat (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Regularized unbalanced optimal transport and the large deviations of the branching Brownian motion
04.12.20 Nicolas Clozeau (MPI MiS, Leipzig + Sorbonne Université, Paris)
Asymptiotics of the systematic error in stochastic homogenization
06.11.20 Matthew Kwan (Stanford University)
Ramsey graphs and anti-concentration
06.11.20 Simone Rademacher (IST Austria)
Dynamics of the strongly coupled polaron
06.11.20 Esther Daus (TU Wien)
Cross diffusion in biology: derivation, analysis and entropy structure
05.11.20 Karen Habermann (University of Warwick)
Small-time fluctuations for conditioned hypoelliptic diffusion processes
20.10.20 Feliks Nüske (Universität Paderborn)
Data-based Modeling of Complex Dynamical Systems on Rich Approximation Spaces
14.10.20 Marius Neuß (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
09.10.20 Marius Neuß (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Cellular automata related to self-organized criticality and their continuum limits
07.10.20 Wentao Cao (Universität Leipzig)
Global Nash-Kuiper's theorem to compact manifolds
18.09.20 Florian Kunick (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
The stochastic thin film equation via Langevin dynamics
15.09.20 Raffaella Mulas (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Hypergraph Laplace Operators for Chemical Reaction Networks
21.08.20 Mathias Wilke (Universität Halle)
On the Navier-Stokes equations on surfaces
17.07.20 Tobias Ried (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Cwikel’s bound reloaded
13.07.20 Matti Schneider (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
FFT-based computational micromechanics and homogenizing fiber-reinforced composites
05.06.20 Lucio Galeati (Universität Bonn)
An analytic approach to regularization by noise phenomena for ODEs
04.06.20 Richard Höfer (Universität Bonn)
On the effective viscosity of suspensions
15.05.20 Jozsef Kolumban (Universität Leipzig)
A new approach to the Rayleigh-Taylor instability
08.05.20 Valeriy Slastikov (University of Bristol)
Liquid crystal defects in two-dimensional Landau-de Gennes theory
30.04.20 Bogdan Raita (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Old and new in Compensated Compactness theory
24.04.20 Jonas Sauer (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
A Direct Method for Time-Periodic L^p Estimates
17.04.20 Konstantinos Dareiotis (University of Leeds)
Approximation of SDEs - a stochastic sewing approach
03.04.20 Charles Doering (University of Michigan)
Optimal bounds & extremal trajectories for time averages in nonlinear dynamical systems
28.02.20 Angkana Rüland (MPI MiS, Leipzig + University of Jyväskylä)
On instability results in inverse problems
27.02.20 Thilo Martin Simon (Universität Bonn)
Skyrmions and stability of degree ±1 harmonic maps from the plane tothe two-dimensional sphere
18.02.20 Rishabh Gvalani (Imperial College London)
Many-particle systems: stationary solutions, phase transitions, and distinguished limits
17.02.20 Lukas Geuter (TU Berlin)
Analysis of a model for dynamics in microswimmer suspensions
13.02.20 Sarah Penington (University of Bath)
Branching Brownian motion with selection and a free boundary problem
11.02.20 Daniel Eceizabarrena (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao)
Riemann's non-differentiable function: a physical and geometric description
10.02.20 Georgiana Chatzigeorgiou (University of Cyprus)
27.01.20 Giovanni Covi (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
The Calderón problem from classical to fractional
24.01.20 Jamie Taylor Taylor (BCAM)
Microscopic to macroscopic modelling in liquid crystals
21.01.20 Sam Krupa (The University of Texas at Austin)
Pushing Forward the Theory of Well-Posedness for Systems of Conservation Laws Verifying a Single Entropy Condition
20.01.20 Vlad Margarint (NYU Shanghai)
Backward Loewner Differential Equation as a Singular Rough Differential Equation, the welding homeomorphism and new structural information about the SLE traces
17.01.20 Alexander Dunlap (Stanford University)
Stationary solutions for the stochastic heat, KPZ, and Burgers equations
18.12.19 Lauro Morales (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Some Results on quasiconvex hull for a n-well problem in 2D under Geometrically Linear Elastic regime
13.12.19 Jan Burczak (Universität Leipzig)
Global existence vs. finite-time blowup in chemotaxis models
06.12.19 Greta Marino (TU Chemnitz)
03.12.19 Federico Buseghin (University of Padua)
Properties of a class of nonlocal evolution equations
28.11.19 Akash Ashirbad Panda Panda (Montanuniversität Leoben)
Stochastic Analysis of Nematic Liquid Crystals
21.11.19 Rangel Baldasso (Bar Ilan University)
Noise sensitivity for Voronoi Percolation
15.11.19 Yash Jhaveri (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
On the (in)stability of the identity map in optimal transportation
13.11.19 Daniel Peterseim (Universität Augsburg)
Introduction to numerical homogenization of PDEs with arbitrary rough coefficients
23.10.19 Mark Schlutow (FU Berlin)
On nonlinear theory for atmospheric gravity waves
21.10.19 Michael Andreas Klatt (Princeton University)
Surprising geometries and novel materials
11.10.19 Sonia Fliss (ENSTA ParisTech)
Enriched homogenization in presence of boundaries or interfaces
08.10.19 Konstantinos Zemas (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Geometric rigidity estimates on the sphere
26.07.19 Sebastian Riedel (TU Berlin)
A dynamical systems approach to singular stochastic delay differential equations
25.07.19 Andres Zuniga
Symmetry breaking in weighted interpolation inequalities: the porous medium regime
19.07.19 Richard Höfer (Universität Bonn)
On the sedimentation of particle suspensions in Stokes flows
28.06.19 Yi-Hsuan Lin (University of Jyväskylä)
Inverse problems for elliptic equations with power type nonlinearities
21.06.19 Maximilian Rauchecker (Universität Regensburg)
The Mullins-Sekerka problem with contact angle
19.06.19 Pawel Duch (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Perturbative renormalization of PDEs describing classical fields coupled to pointlike bodies
31.05.19 Weijun Xu (University of Oxford)
Weak universality of some singular stochastic PDEs
17.05.19 Paul Dario (Université Paris-Dauphine)
Random walks and Green's functions on supercritical percolation cluster
10.05.19 Stephanie Thomas (Universität Kassel)
03.05.19 Cy Maor (University of Toronto)
Elasticity and curvature: the elastic energy of non-Euclidean thin bodies
26.04.19 Alden Waters (University of Groningen)
Inverse problems for coupled wave equations with multiple sound speeds
18.04.19 Björn Bringmann (University of California, Los Angeles)
12.04.19 Klaus Widmayer (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Enhanced dissipation in the Navier-Stokes equations near the Poiseuille flow
12.04.19 Patrick Tolksdorf (TU Darmstadt)
A smooth introduction to fluid flow in rough domains
11.04.19 Wiktoria Zaton (Universität Bonn)
On the well-posedness for higher order parabolic equations with rough coefficients
11.04.19 Pierre-Loïk Rothé (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)
Numerical approximation of the fluctuations in random heterogeneous problems
04.04.19 Wenhui Shi (Universität Heidelberg)
An epiperimetric inequality approach to the parabolic Signorini problem
29.03.19 Konstantinos Dareiotis (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
19.03.19 Wenzhe Zhu
On the exterior domain problem for one phase free boundary
06.03.19 Francesco Della Porta (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
A moving mask hypothesis to select physically relevant microstructures
01.03.19 Nicolas Perkowski (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Random walks in random environment as rough paths
26.02.19 Harprit Singh (ETH Zürich)
An elementary proof of the reconstruction theorem
25.02.19 Ivan Yaroslavtsev (TU Delft)
Burkholder-Davis-Gundy inequalities and stochastic integration in Banach spaces
21.02.19 Augustin Moinat (University of Warwick)
Space-time localisation for the dynamic $\Phi^4_3$ model
21.02.19 Aymeric Baradat (École Polytechnique)
Entropic regularization of incompressible optimal transport
05.02.19 Bogdan Raita (University of Warwick)
Some new linear L1-estimates
01.02.19 Andris Gerasimovics (Imperial College London)
Hörmander’s Theorem for semilinear SPDEs
31.01.19 Victor Marx (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis)
Smoothing properties of a Wasserstein diffusion
31.01.19 Robert Hesse (Universität Jena)
Mild solutions for Rough Evolution Equations
18.01.19 Henri Altman (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Bessel SPDEs and renormalized local times
14.01.19 Joohuyn La (Princeton University)
On a kinetic model of polymeric fluids
11.01.19 Federico Cornalba (University of Bath)
Regularisation and analysis of the Dean-Kawasaki model
18.12.18 Ben Seeger (University of Chicago)
Scaling limits and homogenization for mixing Hamilton-Jacobi equations
23.11.18 Oliver Oeckler (Universität Leipzig)
Phase transitions in germanium antimony tellurides and related compounds
22.11.18 Alexander Shaposhnikov (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Lusin-type theorems on the Wiener space
05.11.18 Stephen Green (MPI for Gravitational Physics)
Nonlinear Frontiers in General Relativity
11.10.18 Matias Delgadino (Imperial College London)
On the relationship between the thin film equation with weak slippage and Tanner's law
10.10.18 Andre Schenke (Universität Bielefeld)
Stochastic Tamed MHD Equations
21.09.18 Matteo Smerlak (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Self-similarity in selection dynamics
31.08.18 Alexandre Veretennikov (University of Leeds)
Direct approach to diffusion filtering equations
10.08.18 Georg Menz (University of California, Los Angeles)
Variational principles for discrete maps
08.06.18 Peter Gladbach (Universität Leipzig)
Discrete optimal transport: limits and limitations
01.06.18 Christian Zillinger (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
On Geometric and Analytic Mixing Scales
25.05.18 Mathias Schäffner (TU Dresden)
Quantitative homogenization of non-linear elastic periodic composites for small loads
27.04.18 Luca Scarpa (University College London)
Well-posedness of semilinear SPDEs with singular drift: a variational approach
19.04.18 Marc Josien (CERMICS, ENPC)
Some Aspects of an Integrodifferential Equation: the Weertman Equation
21.03.18 Qiang Xu (Peking University)
Convergence rates for elliptic homogenization problems in Lipschitz domains
16.03.18 Tatsuya Miura (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
A singular perturbation approach to a higher-order free boundary problem
16.03.18 Kamran Kalbasi (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
15.03.18 Helge Dietert (Université Paris Diderot)
Mathematics of Synchronisation
13.03.18 Artem Sapozhnikov (Universität Leipzig)
09.03.18 Franziska Flegel (WIAS Berlin)
Spectral homogenization vs. localization in the random conductance model
07.03.18 Kristin Kirchner (Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg)
Numerical methods for fractional SPDEs with applications to spatial statistics
19.02.18 Isabell Vorkastner (TU Berlin)
Connectedness of random set attractors
09.02.18 Tobias Ried (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
Gevrey smoothing of weak solutions of the homogeneous Boltzmann equation for Maxwellian molecules
09.02.18 Artem Sapozhnikov (Universität Leipzig)
Random walks on infinite percolation clusters
02.02.18 Oleg Butkovskij (Israel Institute of Technology)
Regularization by noise and path-by-path uniqueness for SDEs and SPDEs
02.02.18 Mª Ángeles García-Ferrero (ICMAT Madrid)
Global approximation theorems for PDEs and applications
31.01.18 Nicola Abatangelo (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Some results on powers of the Laplacian between 1 and 2
31.01.18 Pavlos Tsatsoulis (University of Warwick)
Exponential loss of memory for the dynamic $\Phi^4_2$ with small noise
25.01.18 Haitian Yue (University of Massachusetts)
Well-posedness for the cubic NLS on tori
19.01.18 Vitalii Konarovskyi (Universität Leipzig)
A particle model for Wasserstein type diffusion