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13.07.22 Avi Wigderson
Symmetries, Computation and Math (or, can P ≠ NP be proved via gradient descent?)
12.07.22 Melanie Wood
Probability theory for random groups arising in number theory
12.07.22 Coralia Cartis
Evaluation complexity of algorithms for nonconvex optimization
11.07.22 Bhargav Bhatt
Algebraic geometry in mixed characteristic
10.07.22 Federico Ardila
The geometry of geometries: matroid theory, old and new
10.07.22 Richard Schwartz
Recent Progress in General Relativity
08.07.22 Bernd Sturmfels
Beyond Linear Algebra
07.07.22 Irena Peeva
Minimal Free Resolutions over Complete Intersections
07.07.22 Olivier Wittenberg
Some aspects of rational points and rational curves

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