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Felix Otto - Personal Grants

BMBF-Project "Modeling and Simulation of the Microstructure Formation in Thin Coating Layers" together with M. Rumpf
BMBF-Project "Kontinuierliche Modelle für epitaktisches Wachstum von SiGe" together with A. Voigt
NSF grant DMS-9803389
DFG grant  on "Homogenization of dilute particle dispersions" together with B. Niethammer
RTN-Project "Multi-scale modelling and characterization for phase transformation in advanced materials (MULTIMAT)" together with M. Griebel
DFG grant on "Pattern formation in magnetic materials" together with A. Kunoth (in SFB 611)
DFG grant on "Scaling laws and their cross-overs" together with G. Gruen and C. Helzel (in SFB 611)
DFG grant on "Kinetic models and their dynamic equilibria" together with A. Voigt (in SFB 611)
DFG grant  on "A7: Continuum models of magnetic shape memory materials: mathematics" together with S. Müller within DFG-Priority Program SPP1239 "Change of microstructure and shape of solid materials by external magnetic fields" (2006-2008, 2009-2010)
DFG grant on "Random Geometric Systems" (SPP 2265 "Zufällige geometrische Systeme"); joint project with Martin Huesmann: "Optimal matching and balancing transport"