Personal Information

1990 Diploma with G. Dziuk, Bonn
1993 PhD with S. Luckhaus, Bonn
1993–1994 Postdoctoral Associate, Bonn
1994 Position in Industry, consulting company
1995 Postdoctoral Associate, Bonn
1995–1996 Visiting Scholar, Courant Institute, New York
1996 Postdoctoral Associate, CMU, Pittsburgh
1996–1997 Postdoctoral Associate, Courant Institute, New York
1997–1998 Assistant Professor (tenure track), U. of California at Santa Barbara
1998–1999 Full Professor (tenure), U. of California at Santa Barbara
1999–2010 Full Professor (tenure, C4, since 2008 W3), Bonn
2002–2006 Speaker SFB 611 ’Singular phenomena and scaling in mathematical models’, Bonn
2006–2009 Managing director of the cluster of excellence ‘Hausdorff Center for Mathematics’
since 2010 Director at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
since 2010 Honorary Professor for "Analysis and Mathematical Modelling", U Leipzig

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