18/06/2001 22/06/2001

Geometric Analysis and the Calculus of Variations

Alte Handelsbörse Leipzig
Großer Saal

This summer, Stefan Hildebrandt will celebrate his 65th birthday, and he will be awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree from the <link http: external>University of Leipzig in recognition of his manifold and fundamental contributions to geometric analysis, calculus of variations, and other mathematical fields, and for his personal influence on the development of these fields in Germany and abroad.
For that reason, an international conference will be organized in his honor by the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences and the Mathematics Department of the University of Leipzig, to take place in Leipzig during June 18 - 22, 2001 around the honorary degree award on the afternoon of June 18, 2001.
We hope that you will be able to join us in honoring Stefan Hildebrandt!


Jean-Pierre Bourguignon


Giuseppe Buttazzo

, Università di Pisa

Mariano Giaquinta

, SNS Pisa

Lutz Habermann

, Greifswald

Robert Hardt

, Houston

Frédéric Hélein

, Cachan

Gerhard Huisken

, Tübingen

Tom Ilmanen

, ETH Zürich

Bernd Kirchheim

, MPI Leipzig

Ernst Kuwert

, Freiburg

Jiayu Li

, Beijing

Stephan Luckhaus

, University of Leipzig

Domenico Mucci

, Università di Parma

Reiner Schätzle

, ETH Zürich

Friedemann Schuricht

, MPI Leipzig

Leon Simon

, Stanford University

Knut Smoczyk

, MPI Leipzig

Klaus Steffen

, Düsseldorf

Michael Struwe

, ETH Zürich

Anthony Tromba

, Santa Cruz

Heiko von der Mosel

, University of Bonn

Guofang Wang

, MPI Leipzig

Henry Wente

, Toledo

Yuan-Long Xin

, Shanghai

Jun 18, 2001
09:00 Jürgen Jost
09:05 Mariano Giaquinta
10:00 Tom Ilmanen
11:30 Stephan Luckhaus
18:00 Anthony Tromba
Jun 19, 2001
09:00 Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
10:00 Giuseppe Buttazzo
11:30 Reiner Schätzle
15:00 Gerhard Huisken
16:00 Knut Smoczyk
17:30 Yuan-Long Xin
Jun 20, 2001
09:00 Frédéric Hélein
10:00 Guofang Wang
11:00 Lutz Habermann
Jun 21, 2001
09:00 Michael Struwe
10:00 Domenico Mucci
11:30 Robert Hardt
15:00 Henry Wente
16:00 Bernd Kirchheim
17:30 Jiayu Li
Jun 22, 2001
09:00 Heiko von der Mosel
10:00 Ernst Kuwert
11:30 Friedemann Schuricht
12:30 Klaus Steffen
13:30 Leon Simon

Scientific Organizers

Jürgen Jost

Knut Smoczyk

Administrative Contact

Antje Vandenberg

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