Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics Lab is a hub founded by Anna Wienhard and overseen by Diaaeldin Taha, dedicated to innovative and interdisciplinary research in mathematics with three pillars: experiments and computation in mathematics, mathematics and AI, and outreach. Our aim is to create a space that not only advances mathematical research, but also highlights its beauty and practical relevance in our world.

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Experiments and Computation in Mathematics

The Lab explores computational and experimental techniques for advancing research in mathematics.

Computational and Experimental Mathematics

Group organizers: Zach Greenberg, Abhiram Kidambi, Max Riestenberg

This discussion group is dedicated to using computation to explore theoretical mathematics. We are interested in sharing computational techniques and concrete experiments across diverse areas of mathematics.

Mathematics and AI

The lab serves as a think tank to explore the growing interaction between mathematics and AI/machine learning at various levels (mathematical foundations, use of mathematical structures in AI, use of AI in mathematical research), as well as the appearance and the use of mathematics in other sciences.

Mathematics and Complex Structures

Group organizers: Alvaro Diaz, Duc Luu, Guillermo Restrepo, Daniel Spitz, Dia Taha

This discussion group aims to study and explore complex systems through the lens of mathematics and artificial intelligence (AI). Our research interests cover various domains, including Physics, Chemistry, Finance, Biology, Neuroscience, Social Sciences, and History, reflecting our dedication to interdisciplinary research. The core methodological basis lies in mathematics, statistics, machine learning, topological data analysis (TDA), simulations, and visualization. Two main objectives guide our mission. First, we aim to develop mathematical and AI-based methods and techniques for studying complex systems, targeting both theory and practice. Second, we aim to rigorously apply these and other existing methods directly to concrete problems arising from complex systems. A key component of our approach is the synthesis of data-driven and analytical techniques for analyzing and identifying patterns, trends, and causal relationships within complex systems.

Mathematical Foundations of AI

Group organizers: Alvaro Diaz, Marzieh Eidi, Benjamin Gess, Parvaneh Johari, Francesca Tombari, Angelica Torres

Mathematical Visualization and Outreach

The lab is involved in outreach activities at Leipzig, including school workshops and visits, high school students (BeLL), internships, REUs, public talks, cooperation with museums, artists, and exhibitions. Through its outreach activities, the lab brings mathematics to the public and opens up new ways to engage with mathematics.

Group organizers: Jana Gregor, Joerg Lehnert, Erika Roldan, Dia Taha

Lecture Series "Mathematical Methods in Data Science"


Math Exhibit

The Lab hosts a Mathematics Visualization exhibit in the Library of the Max Planck Institute.


Associated Members

Tabea Bacher (MPG MiS)
Judith Brinkschulte (Uni. Leipzig)
Anna Frangou (MPI CBG)
Fatemeh Fahimi (MPG MiS)
Benjamin Gess (MPG MiS, U. Bielefeld)
Thomas (Tom) Graham (MPG CBS)
Angel Garcia (MPG MiS)
Jana Gregor (MPG MiS)
Zach Greenberg (MPG MiS)
Angelica Torres (MPG MiS)
Mitul Islam (MPG MiS)
Michael Joswig (TU Berlin)
Joerg Lehnert (MPG MiS)
Laura Lankers (MPG MiS)
Duc Luu (MPG MiS)
Carla Martin (MPG CBS)
Slava Matveev (MPG MiS)
Guido Montufar (MPG MiS, UCLA)
Fillip Mazzoli (MPG MiS)
Merik Niemeyer (MPG MiS)
Eckehard Olbrich (MPG MiS)
Jeff M. Philips (Utah)
Irem Portakal (MPG MiS)
Ronald Kriemann (MPG MiS)
Guillermo Restrepo (MPG MiS)
Erika Roldan (MPG MiS, ScaDS)
Nico Scherf (MPG CBS)
Mireille Soergel (MPG MiS)
Aislinn E. Smith (MPG MiS)
Hermann Sonntag (MPG CBS)
Peter F. Stadler (Uni. Leipzig)
Rainer Sinn (MPG MiS)
Daniel Spitz (MPG MiS)
Shashank S. K. (MPG CBS & TU Berlin)
Bernd Sturmfels (MPG MiS)
Diaaeldin Taha (MPG MiS)
Simon Telen (MPG MiS)
Alvaro Diaz-Ruelas (MPG MiS)
Anna Wienhard (MPG MiS)
Maximilian Wiesman (MPG MiS)
Marzieh Eidi (MPG MiS, ScaDS)
Sayan Mukherjee (MPG MiS, ScaDS)
Enno Kessler (MPG MiS)
Fabian Lander (MPG MiS)