Special Contacts

If you have a question on a specific topic, our special contacts will be happy to help you. You can also find further information via links or other directories and fresh faces.

Elected May 2023


The ombudsperson must be available immediately in a consultative capacity in all matters relating to good scientific practice and in the case of suspected scientific misconduct. More information can be found here (page from the MPG Society): Rules of Good Scientific Practice

Equal Opportunity Representative

The aim of the Gender Equality Officer is to strengthen the position of women and promote opportunities for them to realize their demands for leading positions, see more info at the page of the Central Gender Equality Officer of the MPG.

Elected February 2024

PhDnet Representative

The PhDnet serves as a platform for exchange among doctoral students at Max-Planck-Institutes.
More information can be found here (pages from the MPG Society): About the PHDnet

Employer's Representative for Individuals With Severe Disabilities

  • Framework Integration Agreement (only available in German)
  • General Representative Council for Individuals With Severe Disabilities