Postdoctoral Mentors

We prioritize providing optimal support for junior researchers to shape their scientific profiles at the interface of mathematics and the sciences. Leipzig University is a key partner, with professors serving as informal mentors for our junior scientists.

Research at the MPI MiS exploits the fruitful interaction between mathematics and the sciences. We not only apply existing mathematical methods and techniques to the sciences but also transmit the conceptual and structural approach of mathematics into new research areas and, vice versa, translate scientific questions and problems into mathematical challenges.

This mission lives on an interdisciplinary approach to mathematical and scientific questions, and we attack these questions using scientific exchange, collaboration, and cooperation with researchers worldwide. In particular, we are convinced that giving junior scientists the best environment and best possible support to develop their scientific profile is a key step for our mission.

One of the most important scientific partners of the institute is Leipzig University. This partnership is manifested not only in numerous joint seminars and events but also in the fact that several professors of Leipzig University act as informal postdoctoral mentors for junior scientists of our institute. These mentors work on different aspects of mathematics in the sciences. Below, you find for each field a list of possible mentors.

Combinatorics and Applied Algebraic Geometry

Information Theory and Network Analysis

Materials Science

Mathematical Machine Learning / Theory of Deep Learning

Mathematical Statistics

Stochastic Partial Differential Equations