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Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods. The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MiS) in Leipzig.

María Ángeles García-Ferrero awarded with the José Luis Rubio de Francia prize (09.07.2020)

Our former postdoc María Ángeles García-Ferrero was just honored by the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) with the José Luis Rubio de Francia prize 2019. Having been selected from the eight nominated young researchers, she is only the second woman to ever receive this prestigious recognition. The jury selected María for her theory of global approximation for the heat equation and its application to the study of hot spots and isothermal surfaces, because "to prove something genuinely new and in such generality about an object as simple and classical as the heat equation is an achievement worthy of the Rubio de Francia prize". The honor is accompanied with a start-up grant of 35,000 € over the next three years.

The mathematics behind the Corona news coverage (05.05.2020 | Last update 01.07.2020)

Our director Felix Otto and Professor Silvia Schöneburg-Lehnert (Mathematical institute, Leipzig University) have started a short video series (in German) with the aim of providing a basic introduction for some mathematical terminology that comes up in the news coverage regarding Corona.

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  • Marvin Anas Hahn (01.07.)
  • Hui Jin (01.07.)
  • Thomas Andrew Merkh (01.07.)
  • Federico Castillo (29.06.)
  • Quynh Nguyen (29.06.)

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Recent results

  • Rezagholi, S. : Subshifts on infinite alphabets and their entropy. [link]
  • Ye, B. ; Li, B. ; Liang, X. and S. Fei: Local quantum Fisher information and one-way quantum deficit in spin-1/2 XX Heisenberg chain with three-spin interaction. [link]
  • Guerra, A. and B. Raiţă: On the necessity of the constant rank condition for \(L^p\) estimates. [link]
  • Guerra, A. ; Raiţă, B. and M. R. I. Schrecker: Compensated compactness : continuity in optimal weak topologies. [link]
  • Jost, J. ; Mulas, R. and D. Zhang: \(p\)-Laplace operators for chemical hypergraphs. [link]
  • Ay, N. : Confounding ghost channels and causality : a new approach to causal information flows. [link]
  • Garaialde Ocaña, O. and M. Stanojkovski: Orbits classifying extensions of prime power order groups. [link]
  • Mider, M. ; Schauer, M. and F. Van der Meulen: Continuous-discrete smoothing of diffusions. [link]
  • Rezagholi, S. : Factor maps of collective dynamics and hyperspace entropy. [link]
  • Ciaglia, F. M.: Quantum states, groups and monotone metric tensors. [link]
  • Finster, F. ; Giulini, D. ; Kleiner, J. and J. Tolksdorf (eds.): Progress and visions in quantum theory in view of gravity : bridging foundations of physics and mathematics. [link]
  • Yaroslavtsev, I. : Burkholder-Davis-Gundy inequalities in UMD Banach spaces. [link]
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