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Welcome to the MPI MiS

Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods. The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MiS) in Leipzig.

Die Sieger der diesjährigen HHL-MPI-Leibniz-Matheolympiade sind gekürt.

HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH! Wir danken allen teilnehmenden Schülerinnen und Schülern und allen Partnern und Unterstützern des Wettbewerbs.


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Mensch Maschine Moral

Wissenschaftskino zu künstlicher Intelligenz und Robotik mit Prof. Nihat Ay und Experten der HTWK Leipzig lockte rund 160 Gäste an.

Ein Nachbericht.

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The hidden structure of the periodic system

The well-known representation of chemical elements is just one example of how objects can be arranged and classified. MPI researchers describe a formal mathematical structure that could provide many different periodic systems – not only for chemistry, but also for many other fields of knowledge.

Research News of the Max Planck Society:

Wilmer Leal and Guillermo Restrepo: “Formal structure of periodic system of elements”
Proceedings of The Royal Society A


  • 27.06.2019, 15:30, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Deepak Kapur:
    A new approach to construct a Universal Groebner Basis and a Universal Parametric Groebner Basis (see abstract)
  • 28.06.2019, 11:00, room: A3 01 (Sophus-Lie-SR), Yi-Hsuan Lin:
    Inverse problems for elliptic equations with power type nonlinearities (see abstract)
  • 01.07 - 04.07.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Summer school:
    Summer School on Randomness and Learning in Non-Linear Algebra
  • 03.07.2019, 16:30, room: Universität Leipzig, Paulinum - Felix-Klein-Hörsaal, Petra Schwer:
    What is a building and why do we care? (see abstract)
  • 05.07.2019, 14:00, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Andras Lorincz:
    D-modules on varieties with finitely many orbits
  • 05.07.2019, 14:35, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Leon Zhang:
    Tropical principal component analysis
  • 05.07.2019, 15:10, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Sameera Vemulapalli:
    The Cohen-Lenstra-Martinet heuristics
  • 05.07.2019, 15:45, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Joscha Diehl:
    Time warping invariants of multidimensional time series
  • 09.07.2019, 15:15, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Jules Hedges:
    to be announced
  • 09.07.2019, 15:15, room: A3 01 (Sophus-Lie-SR), Bruno Schapira:
    Capacity of the range of a random walk on Z^d (see abstract)
  • 09.07.2019, 16:45, room: A3 01 (Sophus-Lie-SR), Peter Stollmann:
    Spectral uncertainty principles at low energy: unique continuation when you don't expect it (see abstract)
  • 26.08 - 27.08.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Workshop:
    First Berlin - Leipzig Workshop on Fluctuating Hydrodynamics
  • 02.09.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Meeting:
    Data Day
  • 09.09.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Meeting:
    Convexity Day


  • Deepak Kapur (26.06.)
  • Madhusudan Manjunath (26.06.)
  • Jules Hedges (24.06.)
  • Maseim Bassis Kenmoe (24.06.)
  • Teng Wang (24.06.)
  • Ngoc Tran (23.06.)
  • Madeleine Weinstein (22.06.)
  • Lin Zhang (19.06.)
  • Sameera Vemulapalli (17.06.)

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Recently submitted preprints

  • Probabilistic Mappings and Bayesian Nonparametrics (see abstract)
       J. Jost, H. Lê, H. Luu, and T. Tran
  • Development of data fusion techniques for the integration of multi-domain genomic data from uveal melanoma (see abstract)
       M. Pfeffer, A. Uschmajew, A. Amaro, and U. Pfeffer
  • The Schläfli Fan (see abstract)
       M. Joswig, M. Panizzut, and B. Sturmfels
  • Injection dimensions of projective varieties (see abstract)
       P. Görlach
  • Biology, Geometry and Information (see abstract)
       J. Jost
  • Uniform matrix product states from an algebraic geometer's point of view (see abstract)
       A. Czapliński, M. Michałek, and T. Seynnaeve

Summer Party 2019

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Monday, July 15th.
At 7 p.m. in the courtyard.

The exhibition ship „MS Wissenschaft“ travels through Germany

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