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Welcome to the MPI MIS

Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods.
The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MIS) in Leipzig, represented by the Directors and the Leaders of the Research Groups:



  • Massimo Warglien (21.08.)
  • Hendrik Weber (21.08.)
  • Maria Westdickenberg (21.08.)
  • Michael Westdickenberg (21.08.)
  • Parvaneh Joharinad (16.08.)
  • Eleonora Andreotti (15.08.)
  • Josephine Dabrunz (15.08.)

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Recently submitted preprints

  • Connecting UMEB in dd with partial Hadamard matrices (see abstract)
       Y. Wang, M. Li, S. Fei, and Z. Zheng
  • Estimation on geometric measure of quantum coherence (see abstract)
       H. Zhang, B. Chen, M. Li, S. Fei, and G. Long
  • The local distinguishability of any three generalized Bell states (see abstract)
       Y. Wang, M. Li, S. Fei, and Z. Zheng
  • Maximal violation of Bell inequalities under local filtering (see abstract)
       M. Li, H. Qin, J. Wang, S. Fei, and C. Sun
  • Quantum Discord of Rank-2 Two-qubit States (see abstract)
       X. Zhu, X. Li-Jost, and S. Fei
  • Superforms and Tropical Cohomology (see abstract)
       K. Shaw

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