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Welcome to the MPI MiS

Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods. The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MiS) in Leipzig.

Congratulations on successful habilitation

Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi successfully defended his habilitation on “Morphological Intelligence: Information-theoretic quantifications of the morphological contribution to intelligence”. Congratulations and our best wishes for the future! Information about his research projects and publications on embodied intelligence and robotics can be found at:


  • 22.08.2019, 15:15, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Wilmer Leal:
    Mathematical approaches to exploring the Chemical Space
  • 22.08.2019, 16:00, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Oliver Lorscheid:
    Tropical geometry over the tropical hyperfield (see abstract)
  • 26.08 - 27.08.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Workshop:
    First Berlin - Leipzig Workshop on Fluctuating Hydrodynamics
  • 27.08.2019, 15:15, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Aleksey Tikhonov:
    Neural Networks in NLP: Newest History and Modern Challenges (see abstract)
  • 02.09.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Meeting:
    Data Day
  • 03.09.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Seminar:
    Computing with D-Modules II
  • 05.09.2019, 14:00, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Eliana Duarte:
    Groebner Bases for Toric Staged Trees
  • 05.09.2019, 14:35, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Roser Homs Pons:
    Computing Minimal Gorenstein Covers
  • 05.09.2019, 15:10, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Valeria Bertini:
    Symplectic Varieties
  • 05.09.2019, 16:00, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Noemie Combe:
    Parametric Statistics as a Frobenius Manifold
  • 05.09.2019, 16:35, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), André Uschmajew:
    Alternating vs. Riemannian Low Rank Optimization
  • 09.09.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Meeting:
    Convexity Day
  • 28.10 - 30.10.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Conference:
    European Women in Mathematics (EWM)
    German Chapter Conference 2019
  • 11.11 - 13.11.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Meeting:
    Buildings, Varieties, and Applications
  • 25.11 - 27.11.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Conference:
    Developments in the Mathematical Sciences 2019
    DIMS 2019
  • 03.12.2019, MPI MIS Leipzig, Workshop:
    Mathematical Software Day


  • Oliver Lorscheid (22.08.)
  • Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke (19.08.)
  • Anika Richter (19.08.)
  • Margaret Regan (17.08.)
  • Pradeep Kumar Banerjee (15.08.)
  • Christian Krumnow (12.08.)

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New publications

  • Leal, W. ; Llanos, E. J. ; Stadler, P. F. ; Jost, J. and G. Restrepo: The chemical space from which the periodic system arose. [link]
  • Gess, B. ; Liu, W. and A. Schenke: Random attractors for locally monotone stochastic partial differential equations. [link]
  • Chen, B. and S. Fei: Average coherence with respect to complementary measurements. [link]
  • Keller, M. and F. Münch: A new discrete Hopf-Rinow theorem. [link]
  • Panizzut, M. ; Sertöz, E. C. and B. Sturmfels: An octanomial model for cubic surfaces. [link]
  • Ciaglia, F. M. ; Ibort, A. and G. Marmo: On the notion of composite system. [link]
  • Scheel, A. ; Stevens, A. and C. Tenbrock: Signaling gradients in surface dynamics as basis for planarian regeneration. [link]
  • Kulkarni, A. and A. Lerario: \(p\)-adic integral geometry. [link]
  • Wolpert, D. ; Kempes, C. ; Stadler, P. F. and J. A. Grochow (eds.): The energetics of computing in life and machines.
  • Xi, Y. ; Zhang, T. ; Zheng, Z. ; Li-Jost, X. and S. Fei: Converting quantum coherence to genuine multipartite entanglement and nonlocality. [link]
  • Ciaglia, F. M. ; Di Cosmo, F. ; Figueroa, A. ; Man'ko, V. I. ; Marmo, G. ; Schiavone, L. ; Ventriglia, F. and P. Vitale: Nonlinear dynamics from linear quantum evolutions. [link]
  • Kozhasov, K. ; Michałek, M. and B. Sturmfels: Positivity certificates via integral representations. [link]
  • Görlach, P. ; Ren, Y. and L. Zhang: Computing zero-dimensional tropical varieties via projections. [link]

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