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Welcome to the MPI MiS

Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods. The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MiS) in Leipzig.

25 years of MiS - 2017 - Bernd Sturmfels appointed as new director (22.07.2021)

The latest episode of our 25 years of MiS column features our acting director Bernd Sturmfels and gives a brief glimpse into his academic career followed by a more fully featured video interview.

Research Spotlight — Putting current research center stage (28.05.2021 | Last update 19.07.2021)

Our institute represents a great variety of research topics that affect current developments both within the natural sciences as well as social and economic life. In our column Research Spotlight MiS scientists are presenting key ideas and giving insights into recent developments of their research in a short video format.

The newest research spotlights episodes feature the work of Rostislav Matveev and Guido Montúfar and delve into tropical probability and entropic inequalities as well as bias in function space of overparametrized neural networks.



  • Katerina Papagiannouli (15.07.)

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Recent results

  • Costa, M. B. ; Oliveira, J. V. ; da Silvia, W. M. C. ; Sen, R. ; Fallmann, J. ; Stadler, P. F. and M. Emilia M. T. Walter: Machine learning studies of non-coding RNAs based on artificially constructed training data. [link]
  • Shamsara, E. ; Soflaei, S. S. ; Tajfard, M. ; Yamshchikov, I. P. ; Esmaily, H. ; Saberi-Karimian, M. ; Ghazizadeh, H. and M. Ghayour-Mobarhan: Artificial neural network models for coronary artery disease. [link]
  • Winter, R. and R. van Luijk: The action of the Weyl group on the \(E_8\) root system. [link]
  • Brandenburg, M.-C. ; Haase, C. and N. M. Tran: Competitive equilibrium always exists for combinatorial auctions with graphical pricing schemes. [link]
  • Chen, J. and Q. Chen: A Perelman-type no shrinking breather theorem for noncompact harmonic Ricci flow. [link]
  • Montúfar, G. and Y. G. Wang: Distributed learning via filtered hyperinterpolation on manifolds. [link]
  • Shu, H. ; Zhang, C.-Y. ; Chen, Y.-Q. ; Zheng, Z.-J. and S.-M. Fei: Entanglement-based quantum key distribution over noisy channels. [link]
  • Bodnar, C. ; Frasca, F. ; Otter, N. ; Wang, Y. G. ; Lió, P. ; Montúfar, G. and M. Bronstein: Weisfeiler and Lehman go cellular : CW networks. [link]
  • Opuu, V. ; Nono, C. M. and M. Smerlak: RAFFT : Efficient prediction of RNA folding pathways using the fast Fourier transform. [link]
  • Khovanskii, A. and L. Monin: Gorenstein algebras and toric bundles. [link]
  • Dareiotis, K. ; Gess, B. ; Gnann, M. V. and G. Grün: Non-negative martingale solutions to the stochastic thin-film equation with nonlinear gradient noise. [link]
  • Khoromskaia, V. and B. N. Khoromskij: Prospects of tensor-based numerical modeling of the collective electrostatics in many-particle systems. [link]
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