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Welcome to the MPI MiS

Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods. The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MiS) in Leipzig.

Interview with Max Planck Fellow Michael Joswig (22.01.2020)

After joining the Max Planck Fellow Programme in December 2019 Michael Joswig sat down with us to talk about his aspirations as a new group leader, his career leading up to this point and where he sees the future of mathematics.

If you feel inspired by his words or would like to know more about his brainchild, you should register for the 11th Polymake conference on January 24th at our institute.

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  • 24.01.2020: E1 05 (Leibniz-Saal), Conference:
    11th polymake conference and developer meeting
  • 23.01.2020, 15:15, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Christian Kühn:
    Dynamics of Stochastic PDEs (see abstract)
  • 24.01.2020, 11:00, room: A3 01 (Sophus-Lie-SR), Jamie Taylor Taylor:
    Microscopic to macroscopic modelling in liquid crystals (see abstract)
  • 27.01.2020, 11:00, room: A3 01 (Sophus-Lie-SR), Giovanni Covi:
    The Calderón problem from classical to fractional (see abstract)
  • 28.01.2020, 15:15, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Dong Zhang:
    The interplay between discrete Morse theory and metric Morse theory via Lovasz extension.
  • 29.01.2020, 11:00, room: G3 10 (Hörsaal), Elise Walker:
    Toric degenerations and homotopy methods from finite Khovanskii bases (see abstract)
  • 04.02.2020, 15:15, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Xerxes Arsiwalla:
    Dimensional Unfolding and Controllability of Non-Linear Dynamical Systems (see abstract)
  • 04.02.2020, 16:45, room: A3 02 (Leon-Lichtenstein-SR), Felix Gaisbauer:
    The dynamics of opinion expression (see abstract)
  • 04.02.2020, 17:00, room: Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal für Theoretische Physik, Leif Schröder:
    Molecular Sensing in NMR/MRI Applications with Hyperpolarized Xenon in Host-Guest Complexes (see abstract)
  • 30.03 - 03.04.2020: E1 05 (Leibniz-Saal), Conference:
    Spring School on Mathematical Statistics
  • 04.05 - 06.05.2020: E1 05 (Leibniz-Saal), Conference:
    Chow Lectures


  • Christian Kühn (22.01.)
  • Jianfeng Lu (22.01.)
  • Caedyn Stinson (22.01.)
  • Lihan Wang (22.01.)
  • Marius Emar Yamakou (22.01.)
  • Timothy Duff (21.01.)
  • Pierre Lairez (21.01.)
  • Giovanni Covi (20.01.)
  • Sam G. Krupa (20.01.)
  • Jamie Michael Taylor (20.01.)
  • Arthur Bik (19.01.)
  • Edgard A. Pimentel (19.01.)
  • Shao-Ming Fei (15.01.)
  • Riccardo Tione (13.01.)

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Recent results

  • Jost, J. ; Matveev, R. ; Portegies, J. W. and C. S. Rodrigues: On the regular representation of measures. [link]
  • Hellmuth, M. ; Seemann, C. R. and P. F. Stadler: Generalized Fitch relations III : symmetrized Fitch maps and sets of symmetric binary relations that are explained by unrooted edge-labeled trees. [link]
  • Wu, Z. ; Zhang, L. ; Fei, S. and X. Li-Jost: Coherence and complementarity based on modified generalized skew information. [link]
  • Sun, B. ; Fei, S. ; Jing, N. and X. Li-Jost: Time optimal control based on classification of quantum gates. [link]
  • Shao, L. ; Zhang, Y. ; Luo, Y. ; Xi, Z. and S. Fei: Quantifying quantum non-Markovianity based on quantum coherence via skew information. [link]
  • Perkowski, N. and T. C. Rosati: The KPZ equation on the real line. [link]
  • Falcó, A. ; Hackbusch, W. and A. Nouy: Tree-based tensor formats. [link]
  • Cid-Ruiz, Y. ; Homs, R. and B. Sturmfels: Primary ideals and their differential equations. [link]
  • Miura, T. : Elastic curves and phase transitions. [link]
  • Markwig, T. and Y. Ren: Computing tropical varieties over fields with valuation. [link]
  • Baradat, A. : Nonlinear instability in Vlasov type equations around rough velocity profiles. [link]
  • Fritz, T. and B. Westerbaan: The universal property of infinite direct sums in C*-categories and W*-categories. [link]
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