01/02/2004 07/02/2004

Mathematical aspects of material science

Rottach-Egern, Schloss Ringberg
Großer Saal

The workshop will focus on a few specific systems and topics such as polymers, granular materials, biological membranes, friction and lubrication at small scales. In these areas, exchange between discrete and continuum viewpoints has proved particularly fruitful, leading to the establishment of new bridges among Physics, Biology, Engineering and Mathematics. The aim of the workshop is to bring together a small group of carefully selected experts covering a broad range of fields and disciplines, in order to explore the potential for further future exchange. The setting of Ringberg Castle is uniquely well suited for the success of initiatives of the type being planned, which require in-depth, high-level interactions across traditional disciplinary boundries.


Giovanni Alberti

Marino Arroyo

Mary Boyce

Andrea Braides

Paolo Carloni

Isaac Chenchiah

Sergio Conti

Nicolas Dirr

Gero Friesecke

Adriana Garroni

Gerhard Gompper

Josef Käs

Kurt Kremer

Claude LeBris

Stephan Luckhaus

Stefan Luding

Jani Lukkarinen

Cristian Micheletti

Alexander Mielke

Roland Netz

Felix Otto

Rob Phillips

Thomas Powers

David Quéré

Bernd Schmidt

Hartmut Schwetlick

Herbert Spohn

Angela Stevens

Bo Su

Shankar Venkataramani

Giulia Viggiani

Mark C. Williams

Johannes Zimmer

Scientific Organizers

Antonio DeSimone


Stefan Müller


Administrative Contact

Katja Bieling