Math Planck People

Renata Possobon

Published 10.07.2023

My name is Renata Possobon. I am a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Campinas (Unicamp), and I am a member of the Max Planck Partner Group in Brazil with a focus on geometry and probability in dynamical systems. I am currently visiting the MPI MiS in the Research Group of Jürgen Jost.

I study the geometric and statistical properties of dynamical systems. The main idea of my research is to address the intrinsic properties of probability spaces to relate them to the global statistical properties of dynamics. In particular, I have studied the disintegration of measures in terms of conditional measures in different contexts. For instance, the disintegration of measures from the perspective of an optimal transport problem and the regularity and absolute continuity of the disintegration.

In addition to my academic work, I love to appreciate nature, and I'm interested in topics related to education, photography, literature, and gastronomy.