Administrative Department

Science Coordination & Outreach

Welcome to the Science Coordination and Outreach Department at MiS! We are dedicated to promoting scientific research and collaboration within our Institute and with external partners. We strive to engage the public and communicate our exciting discoveries through a diverse range of outreach activities. We are committed to fostering a culture of scientific excellence and innovation. Thank you for your interest in our department and we look forward to working with you!


We facilitate collaboration and communication among researchers and departments within our institute, as well as with the broader scientific community. We provide support in the acquisition of grants and the initiation and coordination of research projects. We also manage our institute’s PhD and Postdoctoral programs. Furthermore, we assist the Board of Directors in managing the institute, ensuring that our researchers have the resources and support they need to excel.

Editorial Work

Our mission is to effectively communicate MiS research findings to the public in an accessible and engaging manner. We offer a range of services including news and press work, preparation of scientific content for public dissemination and media production (see Graphic Design and Audio & Video Production). We share our research with a wide audience through a variety of media channels, including our website, social media, press releases, and public talks and other outreach events (see Outreach Activities). Our team also provides support and guidance to researchers to enable them to communicate their work in an impactful fashion.

Outreach Activities

We organize and coordinate a number of different outreach events, including science festivals, school visits, and public talks and events. Through these events, we aim to engage with the public and promote scientific literacy and appreciation. Our team also works to develop new and innovative outreach programs to reach a wider community.

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designer creates visually stunning materials to support the Institute’s research and outreach efforts. From eye-catching animated infographics and scientific figures to engaging print materials, our designer will work closely with you to ensure that your research is conveyed effectively across all audiences.

Audio & Video Production

Working closely with both the IT department and our graphic designer, we deliver high-quality multimedia content to showcase MiS research and engage with the public. From short social media clips and green-screened scientific presentations to longer feature stories and lecture recordings, our team uses their expertise to effectively communicate your research through audio and visual media.

Department Members