Preprint 15/2000

Towards -matrix approximation of linear complexity

Wolfgang Hackbusch and Boris N. Khoromskij

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Submission date: 07. Mar. 2000
Pages: 23
published in: Problems and methods in mathematical physics : the Siegfried Prössdorf memorial volume ; proceedings of the 11th TMP, Chemnitz, Germany, March 25 - 28, 1999 / J. Elschner ... (eds.)
Basel [u. a.] : Birkhäuser, 2001. - P. 194 - 220
(Operator theory : advances and applications ; 121) 
MSC-Numbers: 65F50, 65F30, 65F05, 65R20, 15A09
Keywords and phrases: hierarchical matrices, matrix compression, wire-basket h-matrix approximation, bem
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In preceding papers, the authors have analysed a class of matrices (tex2html_wrap_inline26-matrices) which are data-sparse and allow an approximate matrix arithmetic of almost linear complexity. Several types of tex2html_wrap_inline26-matrices were shown to provide good approximation of nonlocal (integral) operators in FEM and BEM applications.

In the present paper, we develop special classes of tex2html_wrap_inline26-matrices with improved data sparsity to approximate elliptic problems posed in tex2html_wrap_inline36, d=1,2,3. For the evaluation of integral operators on spatial domains in tex2html_wrap_inline36, the idea is to apply degenerate kernel expansions supported only on the boundaries of the geometrical clusters. This results in an algorithm of linear storage expenses, O(n), which includes one call for an optimal Dirichlet solver (e.g., multi-grid method) on the involved cluster. In the case of a tensor product finite element ansatz space, we propose improved degenerate expansions of the kernel based on a separation with respect to the full set of one-dimensional variables..

For BEM applications applied to rather general elliptic operators, our approach reduces the order of expansion from tex2html_wrap_inline44 down to tex2html_wrap_inline46.

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