Technical report 5/2006

Documentation for the HDD method

Alexander Litvinenko

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Submission date: 20. Jul. 2006
Pages: 33
Keywords and phrases: HDD method
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The hierarchical domain decomposition method (HDD method) for solving elliptic differential equations, whose formula18 coefficients may contain a multiscale parameter, was presented in my dissertation work. This technical report describes the main data structures and procedures of the HDD package as well as some examples. The main idea of the HDD method is to build a large scale solution without computing the solution on the small scale. The formula20-matrix technique yields the efficient formula20-matrix arithmetic. It is shown that the storage of HDD is formula24 and the complexity formula26, where k is a small rank, formula30 and formula32 are the numbers of degrees of freedom on fine and coarse grids respectively.
In the case of homogeneous right-hand side HDD has linear storage and complexity formula34.
The method was tested on the so-called skin problem with jumping coefficients and on problems with oscillatory coefficients.

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