Preprint 13/1999

Synchronizing chaotic neuromodules

Frank Pasemann

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Submission date: 09. Feb. 1999
Pages: 9
published in: Proceedings 7th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks
Brussels : D-Facto, 1999. - P. 1 - 6 
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We discuss the time-discrete parametrized synchronous dynamics of two coupled chaotic neuromodules. The symmetrical coupling of identical 2-neuron modules results in periodic, quasiperiodic as well as chaotic dynamics constrained to a synchronization manifold M. Stability of the synchonized dynamics is calculated by transversal Lyapunov exponents. In addition to synchronized attractors there often co-exist asynchronous periodic, quasiperiodic or even chaotic atractors. Simulation results for selected sets of parameters are presented.

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