Preprint 18/2000

The efficient computation of scalar products of certain antisymmetric functions

Wolfgang Hackbusch

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Submission date: 01. Mar. 2000
Pages: 14
published in: Computing, 67 (2001) 1, p. 35-56 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s006070170015
with the following different title: The efficient computation of certain determinants arising in the treatment of Schrödinger's equations
MSC-Numbers: 65F40, 81-08
Keywords and phrases: schrödinger equation, antisymmetric functions, sparse grids, evaluation of scalar products
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The solution of Schrödinger's equation leads to a high number N of independent variables. Furthermore, the restriction to (anti)symmetric functions implies some complications. We propose a sparse-grid approximation which leads to a set of non-orthogonal basis. Due to the antisymmetry, scalar products are expressed by sums of tex2html_wrap_inline92-determinants. More precisely, we have to determine
where tex2html_wrap_inline94 are entries of the K matrices in tex2html_wrap_inline98 We propose a method to evaluate this expression such that the computational cost amounts to tex2html_wrap_inline100 for fixed K, while the storage requirements are tex2html_wrap_inline104

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