Preprint 23/2001

Gauge theories of spacetime symmetries

Friedemann Brandt

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Submission date: 18. May. 2001 (revised version: September 2002)
Pages: 10
published in: Physical review / D, 64 (2001) 6, art-no. 065025 (online) 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1103/PhysRevD.64.065025
PACS-Numbers: 11.15.-q, 11.30.Cp, 04.90.+e
Keywords and phrases: gauge theories, spacetime symmetries, consistent interactions
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Gauge theories of conformal spacetime symmetries are presented which merge features of Yang-Mills theory and general relativity in a new way. The models are local but nonpolynomial in the gauge fields, with a nonpolynomial structure that can be elegantly written in terms of a metric (or vielbein) composed of the gauge fields. General relativity itself emerges from the construction as a gauge theory of spacetime translations. The role of the models within a general classification of consistent interactions of gauge fields is discussed as well.

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