Preprint 35/2001

A parallel algebraic multigrid solver for finite element method based source localization in the human brain

Carsten H. Wolters, Michael Kuhn, Alfred Anwander, and Stefan Reitzinger

published version: February 2003
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Submission date: 12. Jul. 2001
Pages: 16
published in: Computing and visualization in science, 5 (2002) 3, p. 165-177 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s00791-002-0098-0
Keywords and phrases: eeg/meg-source localization in the human brain, algebraic multigrid, parallel iterative solvers
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Time plays an important role in medical and neuropsychological diagnosis and research. In the field of Electro- and MagnetoEncephaloGraphy (EEG/MEG) source localization, a current distribution in the human brain is reconstructed noninvasively by means of measured fields outside the head. High resolution finite element modeling for the field computation leads to a sparse, large scale, linear equation system with many different right hand sides to be solved. The presented solution process is based on a parallel algebraic multigrid method. It is shown that very short computation times can be achieved through the combination of the multigrid technique and the parallelization on distributed memory computers. A solver time comparison to a classical parallel Jacobi preconditioned conjugate gradient method is given.See the original paper (license required for full paper).

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