Preprint 6/2001

Coloured extension of GL_q(2) and its dual algebra

Deepak Parashar

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Submission date: 27. Feb. 2001
published in: Physics of atomic nuclei, 64 (2001) 12, p. 2146-2150 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1134/1.1432916
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We address the problem of duality between the coloured extension of the quantised algebra of functions on a group and that of its quantised universal enveloping algebra i.e. its dual. In particular, we derive explicitly the algebra dual to the coloured extension of GLq(2) using the coloured RLL relations and exhibit its Hopf structure. This leads to a coloured generalisation of the R-matrix procedure to construct a bicovariant differential calculus on the coloured version of GLq(2). In addition, we also propose a coloured generalisation of the geometric approach to quantum group duality given by Sudbery and Dobrev.

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