Preprint 41/2003

On the Sobolev space of isometric immersions

Mohammed Reza Pakzad

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Submission date: 30. Apr. 2003
Pages: 24
published in: Journal of differential geometry, 66 (2004) 1, p. 47-69 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.4310/jdg/1090415029
MSC-Numbers: 46T99, 53A05, 53C24, 58Dxx, 74Kxx
Keywords and phrases: rigidity of isometric immersions, developable surfaces, thin elastic bodies, curvature functionals, sobolev spaces of mappings
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We prove that every formula12 isometric immersion from a convex regular domain of formula14 into formula16 can be approximated in formula12-norm by smooth isometric immersions from the same domain into formula16.

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