Preprint 22/2004

The Two Well Problem With Surface Energy

Andrew Lorent

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Submission date: 22. Apr. 2004 (revised version: November 2005)
Pages: 11
published in: Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh / A, 136 (2006) 4, p. 795-805 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1017/S030821050000473X
MSC-Numbers: 74G65
Keywords and phrases: two wells, surface energy
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Let formula18 be a bounded Lipschitz domain in formula20, let H be a formula24 diagonal matrix with formula26. Let formula28 and consider the functional
over formula32 where formula34 is the class of functions from formula18 satisfying affine boundary condition F.

We will show that non-trivial (scaling) lower bounds on I_ follow from non trivial (scaling) lower bounds on the finite element approximation of I_0.

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