Preprint 46/2004

Tau-functions on spaces of Abelian and quadratic differentials and determinants of Laplacians in Strebel metrics of finite volume

Dmitry Korotkin and Alexey Kokotov

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Submission date: 20. Jul. 2004
Pages: 48
Keywords and phrases: spaces of holomorphic differentials, determinants of the laplacians, bergman projective connection
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We define and explicitly calculate the tau-functions on different strata of spaces of Abelian and quadratic differentials. This provides a machinery to calculate the determinants of Laplacians in flat metrics with conical singularities on Riemann surfaces. The results can be considered as a generalization of the famous Kronecker formula for the Laplacian in the flat metric on an elliptic surface to the case of higher genus.

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