Preprint 14/2007

Sharp-interface limit of a mesoscopic free energy with a random external field

Nicolas Dirr and Enza Orlandi

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Submission date: 08. Feb. 2007
Pages: 42
MSC-Numbers: 35R60, 80M35, 82D30, 74Q05
Keywords and phrases: gamma-convergence, Random functionals, stochastic homogenization, Phase segregation in disordered materials
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We add a random bulk term, modeling the interaction with the impurities of the medium, to a standard functional in the gradient theory of phase transitions consisting of a gradient term with a double well potential. For the resulting functional we study the asymptotic properties of minimizers and minimal energy under a rescaling in space, i.e. on the macroscopic scale. By bounding the energy from below by a coarse-grained, discrete functional, we show that for a suitable strength of the random field the random energy functional has two types of random global minimizers, corresponding to two phases. Then we derive the macroscopic cost of low-energy ``excited'' states that correspond to a bubble of one phase surrounded by the opposite phase.

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