Preprint 28/2007

Wavelet radiosity

Ulf Kähler and Reinhold Schneider

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Submission date: 14. Mar. 2007 (revised version: March 2007)
Pages: 9
published in: 17th International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics : CMM-2007, June 19-22, 2007, Lodz-Spala, Poland. Short papers / K. Dems (ed.)
Lodz : Polish Academy of Sciences / Department of Technical Sciences, 2007. - P. 193 - 194 
Keywords and phrases: bem, wavelets, radiosity
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The present paper considers the fast solution of boundary integral equations on unstructured meshes by the Galerkin scheme and its application to the special situation of the radiosity equation. It is known that the system matrix of the scheme in a wavelet basis which provides vanishing moments with respect to traces of polynomials in the space can be compressed to formula9 relevant matrix entries, where N denotes the number of degrees of freedom. However, the presence of the visibility function in the kernel of the radiosity equation provides discontinuities for non-convex geometries, which cause trouble for most of the fast methods. Nevertheless, we have purchased a wavelet Galerkin method which is able to produce a system matrix with formula11 relevant matrix coefficients for the radiosity equation on a reasonable geometry.

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