Preprint 97/2007

Floating Bodies Subject To Capillary Attractions

Robert Finn

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Submission date: 05. Nov. 2007 (revised version: November 2007)
published in: Journal of mathematical fluid mechanics, 11 (2009) 3, p. 443-458 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s00021-008-0268-z
MSC-Numbers: 76B45, 52A10, 52A15
Keywords and phrases: capillarity, contact angle, floating criteria, convex bodies, curves of constant width

Admissible shapes of bodies are characterized, according to the range of configurations in which the body can be made to float in a bath with horizontal surface, in the presence of capillary attractions. This is an expanded version of a paper in the MIS preprint series of 2006, with the same author and title.

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