Preprint 47/2008

Entanglement of Formation and Concurrence for Mixed States

Xiu-Hong Gao, Sergio Albeverio, Kai Chen, Shao-Ming Fei, and Xianqing Li-Jost

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Submission date: 24. Jul. 2008
Pages: 26
published in: Frontiers of computer science in China, 2 (2008) 2, p. 114-128 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s11704-008-0017-8
PACS-Numbers: 03.67.Mn, 03.65.Ud, 89.70.+c
Keywords and phrases: entanglement of formation, Concurrence, lower bound
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We review some results on analytical computations of the measures for quantum entanglement: entanglement of formation and concurrence. We introduce some estimations of the lower bounds for the entanglement of formation in bipartite mixed states, and of lower bounds for the concurrence in bipartite and tripartite systems. The results on lower bounds for the concurrence are also generalized to arbitrary multipartite systems.

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