Preprint 9/2008

Large Deviations For The Stochastic Shell Model of Turbulence

Utpal Manna, Sivaguru Sritharan, and Padmanabhan Sundar

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Submission date: 05. Feb. 2008
Pages: 27
published in: Nonlinear differential equations and applications, 16 (2009) 4, p. 493-521 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s00030-009-0023-z
MSC-Numbers: 60F10, 60H15, 76D03, 76D06
Keywords and phrases: GOY model, large deviations, Local monotonicity
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In this work we first prove the existence and uniqueness of a strong solution to stochastic GOY model of turbulence with a small multiplicative noise. Then using the weak convergence approach, Laplace principle for solutions of the stochastic GOY model is established in certain Polish space. Thus a Wentzell-Freidlin type large deviation principle is established utilizing certain results by Varadhan and Bryc.

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