Preprint 12/2009

Nonstationary Stokes System with Variable Viscosity in Bounded and Unbounded Domains

Helmut Abels

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Submission date: 27. Feb. 2009 (revised version: March 2009)
Pages: 23
published in: Discrete and continuous dynamical systems / S, 3 (2010) 2, p. 141-157 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.3934/dcdss.2010.3.141
MSC-Numbers: 35Q30, 76D07, 47F05
Keywords and phrases: Stokes equation, Stokes operator, unbounded domains, maximal regularity, domains of fractional powers
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We consider a generalization of the nonstationary Stokes system, where the constant viscosity is replaced by a general given positive function. Such a system arises in many situations as linearized system, when the viscosity of an incompressible, viscous fluid depends on some other quantities. We prove unique solvability of the nonstationary system with optimal regularity in formula9-Sobolev spaces, in particular for an exterior force formula11. Moreover, we characterize the domains of fractional powers of some associated Stokes operators formula13 and obtain a corresponding result for formula15. The result holds for a general class of domains including bounded domain, exterior domains, aperture domains, infinite cylinder and asymptotically flat layer with formula17-boundary for some r>d with formula21.

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