Preprint 51/2010

Reeb graph and quasi-states on the two-dimensional torus

Frol Zapolsky

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Submission date: 13. Sep. 2010
Pages: 12
published in: Israel journal of mathematics, 188 (2012) 1, p. 111-121 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s11856-011-0095-4
MSC-Numbers: 28C15, 57M50
Keywords and phrases: quasi-states, quasi-morphisms, torus
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This note deals with quasi-states on the two-dimensional torus. Quasi-states are certain quasi-linear functionals (introduced by Aarnes) on the space of continuous functions. Grubb constructed a quasi-state on the torus, which is invariant under the group of area-preserving diffeomorphisms, and which moreover vanishes on functions having support in an open disk. Knudsen asserted the uniqueness of such a quasi-state; for the sake of completeness, we provide a proof. We calculate the value of Grubb’s quasi-state on Morse functions with distinct critical values via their Reeb graphs. The resulting formula coincides with the one obtained by Py in his work on quasi-morphisms on the group of area-preserving diffeomorphisms of the torus. Included is a short introduction to the link between quasi-states and quasi-morphisms in symplectic geometry.

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