Preprint 36/2012

Wedge-Local Quantum Fields on a Nonconstant Noncommutative Spacetime

Albert Much

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Submission date: 25. Jun. 2012
Pages: 22
published in: Journal of mathematical physics, 53 (2012) 8, art-no. 082303 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1063/1.4739751
Keywords and phrases: Noncommutative Spacetime, Wedge-Local Quantum Fields, Deformation
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Within the framework of warped convolutions we deform the massless free scalar field. The deformation is performed by using the generators of the special conformal transformations. The investigation shows that the deformed field turns out to be wedge-local. Furthermore, it is shown that the spacetime induced by the deformation with the special conformal operators is nonconstant noncommutative. The noncommutativity is obtained by calculating the deformed commutator of the coordinates.

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