Preprint 114/2013

The Scaling of Several Public Transport Networks in China

Long Guo, Yueying Zhu, Zhongjie Luo, and Wei Li

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Submission date: 17. Dec. 2013
Pages: 7
published in: Fractals, 21 (2013) 2, art-no. 1350010 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1142/S0218348X13500102
Keywords and phrases: Fractal Dimension, Spatial Property, Scaling
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Public transport networks (PTNs) are often researched without reference to their geographical embedding. The question arises if there is any underlying structure or principle characterizing the observed behavior of geographically embedded transport routes. Here, we focus on the scaling properties of PTNs in Space L through fractal analysis and consider the effect of the real bus routes, which reflects the human movement between stations indirectly. We find that the PTN in Space L is the better basal one to mimic the human migration in city. Furthermore, we also research the scaling property of the correlation between stations and the distribution of node’s weight, which shows the heterogeneous property of human activity between different stations. Our present work provides some new perspective and tools to realize the human migration on spatial networks.

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