Preprint 17/2014

Dynamical torsion in view of a distinguished class of Dirac operators

Jürgen Tolksdorf

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Submission date: 17. Feb. 2014
Pages: 15
MSC-Numbers: 15A66, 49S05, 53C80
PACS-Numbers: 11,15.q, 45.10.Na, 02.40.Hw
Keywords and phrases: clifford modules, Dirac operators, Torsion
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In this paper we discuss geometric torsion in terms of a distinguished class of Dirac operators. We demonstrate that from this class of Dirac operators a variational problem for torsion can be derived similar to that of Yang-Mills gauge theory. As a consequence, one ends up with a propagating torsion even in vacuum as opposed to the usual variational problem encountered in ordinary Einstein-Cartan theory.

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