Preprint 24/2016

Conjugate variables in quantum field theory and a refinement of Paulis theorem

Steffen Pottel and Klaus Sibold

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Submission date: 04. Mar. 2016
Pages: 38
published in: Physical review / D, 94 (2016) 6, art-no. 065008 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1103/PhysRevD.94.065008
Keywords and phrases: Quantum Field Theory, Minkowski Space, Conformal Group, polarization
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For the case of spin zero we construct conjugate pairs of operators on Fock space. On states multiplied by polarization vectors coordinate operators Q conjugate to the momentum operators P exist. The massive case is derived from a geometrical quantity, the massless case is realized by taking the limit m20 on the one hand, on the other from conformal transformations. Crucial is the norm problem of the states on which the Q’s act: they determine eventually how many independent conjugate pairs exist. It is intriguing that (light-) wedge variables and hence the wedge-local case seems to be preferred.

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