Preprint 8/2017

Discrete Morse-Bott theory for CW complexes

Odette Sylvia Yaptieu Djeungue

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Submission date: 12. Jan. 2017 (revised version: November 2017)
Pages: 24
MSC-Numbers: 37F20, 37B30, 55N99, 37B30
Keywords and phrases: Morse-Bott theory, Conley theory, discrete Morse theory, CW Complexes, Poincaré polynomial, Betti numbers
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We derive a discrete analogue of Morse-Bott theory on CW complexes and use this discrete Morse-Bott function to do some Conley theory analysis. It turns out that our discrete Morse-Bott theory is indeed a generalization of Forman's discrete Morse theory.

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