Preprint 34/2018

Verlinde bundles of families of hypersurfaces and their jumping lines

Orlando Marigliano

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Submission date: 02. May. 2018
Pages: 10
Keywords and phrases: Verlinde Bundles, Jumping Lines, Cohomology Class
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Verlinde bundles are vector bundles Vk arising as the direct image π(k) of polarizations of a proper family of schemes π: 𝔛S. We study the splitting behavior of Verlinde bundles in the case where π is the universal family 𝔛 →|𝒪(d)| of hypersurfaces of degree d in |𝒪(d)| and calculate the cohomology class of the locus of jumping lines of the Verlinde bundles Vd+1 in the cases n = 2,3.

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