Preprint 69/2018

Quantum Fisher information and coherence in one-dimensional XY spin models with Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions

Biao-Liang Ye, Bo Li, Zhi-Xi Wang, Xianqing Li-Jost, and Shao-Ming Fei

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Submission date: 20. Aug. 2018
Pages: 9
published in: Science in China : physics, mechanics and astronomy, 61 (2018), art-no. 110312 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s11433-018-9262-9
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We investigate quantum phase transitions in XY spin models using Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya (DM) interactions. We identify the quantum critical points via quantum Fisher information and quantum coherence, finding that higher DM couplings suppress quantum phase transitions. However, quantum coherence (characterized by the l1-norm and relative entropy) decreases as the DM coupling increases. Herein, we present both analytical and numerical results.

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