Preprint 108/2020

Reciprocal maximum likelihood degrees of diagonal linear concentration models

Christopher Eur, Tara Fife, José Alejandro Samper, and Tim Seynnaeve

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Submission date: 02. Dec. 2020
Pages: 15
Keywords and phrases: maximum likelihood degrees, reciprocal spaces, matroids, characteristic polynomials
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We show that the reciprocal maximal likelihood degree (rmld) of a diagonal linear concentration model ℒ⊆ n of dimension r is equal to (2)rχM(1 2), where χM is the characteristic polynomial of the matroid M associated to . In particular, this establishes the polynomiality of the rmld for general diagonal linear concentration models, positively answering a question of Sturmfels, Timme, and Zwiernik.

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