Preprint 68/2020

Two-Copy Quantum Teleportation Based on GHZ Measurement

Quan Quan, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei, Heng Fan, Wen-Li Yang, Tie-Jun Wang, and Gui-Lu Long

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Submission date: 22. Jun. 2020
Pages: 16
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We investigate quantum teleportation in the two-copy setting based on GHZ measurement and propose the detailed protocol. The output state after the teleportation is analyzed and the protocol is proved to be trace preserving. The general expression of the optimal teleportation fidelity is derived. The optimal teleportation fidelity is shown to be a linear function of two-copy fully entangled fraction, which is invariant under local unitary transformations. At last, we show two-copy teleportation based on GHZ measurement can be better than one copy teleportation by an explicit example, which is amenable to demonstration in experiments. Our study is significant for improving the fidelity of teleportation for some limited resource which cannot be significantly distilled. Moreover, it can inspire us to find many other more efficient protocols for teleportation.

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