Preprint 99/2020

Geometric Sampling of Networks

Vladislav Barkanass, Jürgen Jost, and Emil Saucan

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Submission date: 26. Oct. 2020 (revised version: March 2021)
Pages: 52
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Motivated by the methods and results of manifold sampling based on Ricci curvature, we propose a similar approach for networks. To this end we make appeal to three types of discrete curvature, namely the graph Forman-, full Forman- and Haantjes-Ricci curvatures for edge-based and node-based sampling. We present the results of experiments on real life networks, as well as for square grids arising in Image Processing. Moreover, we consider fitting Ricci flows and we employ them for the detection of networks’ backbone. We also develop embedding kernels related to the Forman-Ricci curvatures and employ them for the detection of the coarse structure of networks, as well as for network visualization with applications to SVM. The relation between the Ricci curvature of the original manifold and that of a Ricci curvature driven discretization is also studied.

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