Preprint 21/2021

PAC-Bayes and Information Complexity

Pradeep Kumar Banerjee and Guido Montúfar

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Submission date: 20. Sep. 2021
Pages: 17
MSC-Numbers: 68Q32, 68T05, 94A15
Keywords and phrases: PAC-Bayes generalization bounds, Gibbs algorithm, flat minima
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We point out that a number of well-known PAC-Bayesian-style and information-theoretic generalization bounds for randomized learning algorithms can be derived under a common framework starting from a fundamental information exponential inequality. We also obtain new bounds for data-dependent priors and unbounded loss functions. Optimizing these bounds naturally gives rise to a method called Information Complexity Minimization for which we discuss two practical examples for learning with neural networks, namely Entropy- and PAC-Bayes- SGD.

11.11.2021, 22:22