A new method in the study of the thermodynamic limit of charged systems

  • Jan Philip Solovej (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark)
G3 10 (Lecture hall)


I will describe a new general approach to the thermodynamic limit of charged systems, e.g. ordinary matter consisting of nuclei and electrons. As applications of this approach I will briefly sketch how to use it to show the existence of the thermodynamic limit in the case of dynamic nuclei and in the case of nuclei fixed in a crystalline ordering. The first case of dynamic nuclei was proved by Lieb and Lebowitz in 1972 and the latter case of fixed nuclei was settled by Fefferman in 1985 by a completely different method.

Katja Bieling

Stefan Adams

Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften

Manfred Salmhofer

Universität Leipzig