About the Vlasov Dirac equation

  • Claude Bardos (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Paris VII)
Felix-Klein-Hörsaal Universität Leipzig (Leipzig)


This is a report on a ongoing work with Anne Nouri from Marseille and Thierry Paul from Polytechnique Palaiseau.

I dub the equation $$ \partial_t f +v\cdot\partial_x f-\partial_x(\int f(x,w,t)dw)\partial_v f=0 $$ Vlasov Dirac because it is a Vlasov type equation where the standard potential has been replaced by the Dirac mass. This turns out to be an important problem for different reasons.

1 It is genuine model for numerical simulation of plasmas.
2 It exhibit some singular stabilities $\backslash$ unstabilities properties which can be more easily analyzed than the standard instabilities (Landau Damping and so on..) for the original Vlasov equation.
3 It is at the cross road between mean field derivations and WKB or Wigner asymptotics.

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