IMPRS Ringvorlesung: Summer semester 2011

  • Felix Otto
  • Jürgen Jost
  • Erich Miersemann
  • Hans-Bert Rademacher
  • Matthias Schwarz
  • Stephan Luckhaus
G3 10 (Lecture hall)


About this lecture
Due to the rather broad spectrum of topics within the IMPRS, the curriculum consists of a core curriculum to be attended by all students and a variety of more specialized lectures and courses. The heart of our teaching program certainly is the Ringvorlesung. Each semester the Ringvorlesung focuses on one field and is usually delivered by scientific members of the IMPRS who introduce different approaches and visions within this field.


  • Felix Otto: Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
  • Jürgen Jost: The classical approach
  • Erich Miersemann: Variational problems for minimal surfaces and other problems involving the mean curvature, like capillary interfaces
  • Felix Otto: Wasserstein metrics
  • Jürgen Jost: Convexity conditions in the calculus of variations, geometric variational problems like harmonic maps
  • Hans-Bert Rademacher: Geometric variational problems, closed geodesics, Morse theory
  • Felix Otto: Gradient flows
  • Matthias Schwarz: Floer theory
  • Stephan Luckhaus: Geometric measure theory, minimal submanifolds

Date and time info
Tuesday, 13:30 - 15:00 h

01.04.11 31.07.11

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