Information measures on discrete spaces

  • Oliver Johnson (University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom)
University n.n. Universität Leipzig (Leipzig)


I will discuss recent work considering the issue of how Fisher Information should be defined on the integers, and on the set $\{0, 1, \dots, n\}$, motivated by the maximum entropy property of the Poisson and binomial distributions. I will show that the resulting information measures have useful properties which parallel those of the Fisher information with respect to a real location parameter, suggesting that they too can form a basis for Information Geometry, suggesting a form for geodesics related to transportation problems.

(This talk is based on joint work with Harremoës, Hillion, Kontoyiannis, Madiman and Yu).

02.08.10 06.08.10

Information Geometry and its Applications III

Universität Leipzig University n.n.

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