On the Gromov-Wasserstein problem, existence of Monge maps and Unbalanced Gromov-Wasserstein

  • François-Xavier Vialard (Université Gustave Eiffel)
E2 10 (Leon-Lichtenstein)


This talk has two parts. First we present a possible extension of the Gromov-Wasserstein problem to the setting of metric measures spaces, whose total mass is not necessarily equal to 1. We propose a true distance and a lower bound which is more friendly for computations. Second, we study the existence of Monge maps as optimizer of the standard Gromov-Wasserstein problem for two different costs in euclidean spaces. The first cost for which we show existence of Monge maps is the scalar product, the second cost is the quadratic cost between the squared distances for which we show the structure of a bi-map. We present numerical evidence that the last result is sharp.

Katja Heid

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