On the well-posedness for higher order parabolic equations with rough coefficients

  • Wiktoria Zaton (Universität Bonn)
A3 01 (Sophus-Lie room)


In the first part we study the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the higher order parabolic Cauchy problems on the upper half space, given by $\partial_t u = (-1)^{m+1} \mbox{div}_m A(t,x)\nabla^m u$ and $L^p$ initial data space. The (complex) coefficients are only assumed to be elliptic and bounded measurable. Our approach follows the recent developments in the field for the case $m=1$.

In the second part we consider the $BMO$ space of initial data. We will see that the Carleson measure condition $$\sup_{x\in \mathbb{R}^n} \sup_{r>0} \frac{1}{|B(x,r)|}\int_{B(x,r)}\int_0^{r}|t^m\nabla^m u(t^{2m},x)|^2\frac{dxdt}{t}<\infty$$

provides, up to polynomials, a well-posedness class for $BMO$. In particular, since the operator $L$ is arbitrary, this also leads to a new, broad Carleson measure characterization of $BMO$ in terms of solutions to the parabolic system.

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