Optimising anticancer drug infusion from the chronobiologist's point of view; optimal control and open questions on tumour growth kinetics, pharmacodynamics and cell cycle modelling

  • Jean Clairambault (Université Paris VIII)
G3 10 (Lecture hall)


A simple ODE model of anticancer drug efficacy and healthy tissue toxicity in a chronobiological setting will be presented, its parameters being identified after animal experimental data. The use of optimal control (nonlinear conjugate gradient) is advocated, yielding a best infusion profile, with numerical results, and showing in this frame the advantage of time scheduled regimens over constant infusion[joint work with Claude Basdevant].

These results are dependent on tumour growth kinetics and pharmacodynamic modelling, for which possible extensions will be discussed. Cell cycle kinetics modelling at the level of an aged-structured population of cells will also be evoked in the perspective of its control by natural circadian rhythms and external action of anticancer drugs [joint work with Benoît Perthame].