Reverse-engineering implicit regularization due to large learning rates in deep learning

  • Stanisław Jastrzębski ( and Jagiellonian University)
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The early phase of training of deep neural networks has a dramatic and counterintuitive effect on the local curvature of the loss function. For instance, we found that using a small learning rate does not guarantee stable optimization because the optimization trajectory has a tendency to steer towards regions of the loss surface with increasing local curvature. It is equally surprising that using a small learning rate impacts negatively generalization. I will discuss our journey in understanding these and other phenomena. The focus of the talk will be our mechanistic explanation for how using a large learning rate impacts generalization, which we corroborate by developing an explicit regularizer that reproduces its implicit regularization effects [1,2].

[1] The Break-Even Point on Optimization Trajectories of Deep Neural Networks, Jastrzebski et al, ICLR 2020

[2] Catastrophic Fisher Explosion: Early Phase Fisher Matrix Impacts Generalization, Jastrzebski et al, ICML 2021


11.07.24 22.08.24

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