Souriau-Fisher Metric and Higher Order Extension

  • Frederic Barbaresco (THALES, Limours, France)
E1 05 (Leibniz-Saal)


We introduce the symplectic structure of information geometry based on Souriau’s Lie group thermodynamics model, with a covariant definition of Gibbs equilibrium via invariances through co-adjoint action of a group on its moment space, defining physical observables like energy, heat, and moment as pure geometrical objects. Using geometric Planck temperature of Souriau model and symplectic cocycle notion, the Fisher metric is identified as a Souriau geometric heat capacity. The Souriau model is based on affine representation of Lie group and Lie algebra that we compare with Koszul works on G/K homogeneous space and bijective correspondence between the set of G-invariant flat connections on G/K and the set of affine representations of the Lie algebra of G. The Souriau-Fisher metric is linked to KKS (Kostant–Kirillov–Souriau) 2-form that associates a canonical homogeneous symplectic manifold to the co-adjoint orbits. We conclude with Higher order extension of Souriau model based on works of R..S Ingarden and W. Jaworski. The Souriau model of statistical physics is validated as compatible with the Balian gauge model of thermodynamics.

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