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01.10.22 31.01.23

Regular lectures Winter semester 2022-2023

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For rooms at the MPI MiS please note:
Use the entry doors Kreuzstr. 7a (rooms A3 01, A3 02) and Kreustr. 7c (room G3 10), both in the inner court yard, and go to the 3rd. floor.
To reach the Leibniz-Saal (E1 05, 1st. floor) and the Leon-Lichtenstein Room (E2 10, 2nd. floor) use the main entry Inselstr. 22.

Please remember: The doors will be opened 15 minutes before the lecture starts and closed after beginning of the lecture!

Previous Lectures in this Semester

01.10.22 Tobias Ried, Florentin Münch, Dejan Gajic, Stefan Czimek
IMPRS-Ringvorlesung: Winter semester 2022/2023
01.10.22 Samantha Fairchild
Mathematical foundations of data anlaysis
01.10.22 Benjamin Gess
Bielefeld-Leipzig online seminar: Mathematics of Machine Learning
01.10.22 Daniel Heydecker
Topics in the Spatially Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation
01.10.22 Jürgen Jost, Raffaella Mulas
Principles of Network Analysis
01.10.22 Lukas Koch
Nonlinear potential theory for degenerate elliptic PDE
01.10.22 Erika Roldan, Sayan Mukherjee
Random Topology
01.10.22 Florentin Münch
Recent developments in discrete Ricci curvature
01.10.22 Angel Rios
Mukai Grassmannians
01.10.22 Javier Sendra Arranz, Ángel David Ríos Ortiz
Hilbert Schemes
01.10.22 Rainer Sinn
Algebraische Geometrie
01.10.22 Bernd Sturmfels
Metric Algebraic Geometry
01.10.22 Max von Renesse
Lecture course on optimal transport

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